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PSK31 transceiver as a kit!

I am happy to announce that the popular PSK31 transceiver will be available soon as a kit. At first, the PCBs will be manufactured and eventually, the entire kit will be available.


User registration disabled

Due to the enormous amount of registrations from potential forum spammers, I have disabled User Registration for this site. If you have something to ask/tell me, I'm on QRZ.COM. And Forum Spammers: Get a life.

A alternative PSK31 transceiver

PSK TRXIt's been a while since I updated my site. Not because there where no hobby activities; there were just too many... But this one I want you to know about. Within our club (PI4RAZ) we decided to do a winterproject, and the choice was a build-it-yourself PSK31 transceiver, using KD1JV's design.





New website!

Welcome to my new website! After crashed and never came back, I decided to create my own website. And hey, if you have already a Linux server running als your local firewall, just add some MySQL and Joomla and you have your own server running. I decided to keep the site in English, so everyone can enjoy. I hope you too!


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